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The Stay Human Conference Calls with Congress are organized by Rebuilding Alliance, a U.S. Nonprofit organization based in San Mateo California. Rebuilding Alliance’s work is focused on rebuilding war-torn communities and making them safe.  Our life-affirming vision: A just and enduring peace in Israel and Palestine founded upon equal value, security, and opportunity for all.

For more than 13 years, Rebuilding Alliance has brought Israelis, Palestinians, and internationals together in rebuilding projects, and engaged policy makers at all levels of US, Israeli and Palestinian government & court systems to keep those Palestinian families and neighborhoods safe in accordance with international law.  We draw upon our quiet success to put forward this claim: American elected officials DO intervene when their constituents ask for their help.

Staying Human

At this critical time, few are listening to the peacemakers. Stay Human Conference Calls give them a voice, engage coalitions in each US congressional district, and press our elected officials into action to keep children and families safe.  Together, we’ll share insight, information, and next steps.  This is about heart, connection, and learning from Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers.

— We launch again on Tuesday, Jul. 22nd at 11:45 Pacific time, 2:45pm Eastern, 9:45pm Gaza/Israel time;

We'll continue the series every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday as long as the Crisis lasts.  

We can put up to 1000 people on the line for each call and also record and post the calles for later reference.  The conferences are important — and so is the map because it displays growing numbers of those who care in each Congressional District.