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Stay Human Conference Call #3
with Mr. Khaled Nasrallah, Mr. Elik Elhanan, & Ms. Morgan Bach

2:45pm Eastern, 11:45am Pacific, 9:45pm Gaza/Jaffa time

Recording of Conference Call#3

Accountant Khaled Nasrallah
 in Rafah, Gaza is part of the family whose home Rachel Corrie sought to protect when she was killed by an Israeli Army bulldozer in 2003. In 2005, Khaled, his wife Samah, and daughter Sama, joined Rachel's parents Cindy and Craig on a U.S. speaking tour sponsored by Rebuilding Alliance. He works for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency and is a co-founder of the Rachel Corrie Sports Initiative hosting the annual Rachel Corrie Ramadan Soccer Tournament as a tangible way to help Rafah families heal despite the ongoing blockade of Gaza.

Linguist Elik Elhanan in Tel Aviv is an Israeli peace activist who lost his 16 year old sister to a suicide bomber in 1997. He was recently one of the passengers on board the boat Estelle on its last trip toward Gaza. He is a co-founder of Combatants for Peace, a group of Israeli former soldiers and Palestinians who were released from Israeli prisons, dedicated to ending the Occupation.

Teacher/Blogger Morgan Bach, an American citizen, found out about  the kindergarten under demolition order in Al Aqaba village while she was serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer in New Orleans, Louisiana. She spent eight months in Al Aqaba village teaching English and running the Al Aqaba Guest House for visitors and volunteers. She is currently on speaking tour with Rebuilding Alliance, inviting audiences to join our building and advocacy projects in West Bank Area C, and sharing her experiences from Palestine.


Stay Human Conference Call #2 with Dr. Eyad El Sarraj & Dr. Ruchama Marton

Nov. 22nd at 8:45am Pacific, 11:45am Eastern, 6:45pm Gaza City/Jerusalem

Recording of Conference Call#2

 Dr. Eyad El Sarraj: is the founder of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP) and a co-founder of Faculty for Israel Palestine Peace(FIPP). He is is an internationally known mental health practitioner and researcher, as well as a champion for human rights, democracy, and nonviolent conflict resolution. He also is viewed as a man of integrity, equally vocal in his denunciation of Israeli and Palestinian human rights abuses and outrages. He twice has been awarded prestigious international awards for his human rights work, earning the Physicians for Human Rights Award in 1997 and the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders in 1998. Dr. Sarraj is an expert on the mental impact that the violence in the area has on children growing up in Gaza.

· Dr. Ruchama Marton:  Dr. Ruchama Marton is a practicing psychiatrist and psychotherapist, and a long-term peace and human rights activist. She is the founder, driving force and president of the Physicians for Human Rights, Israel(PHR-I), a non-profit health and human rights NGO established in 1988 and based on cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian health professionals and human rights activists.

Marton has been a leader in the peace movement in Israel and an exemplary force in the struggle against Israeli violations of the human rights of Palestinians. She has passionately combined her psychological insight, social awareness and medical ethical perspective in order to analyze, expose and challenge the inhumane acts and policies of Israeli oppression of Palestinians, including political repression, torture, and the denial of access to basic resources and health services. She has continuously promoted mutual respect between Israelis and Palestinians working together, as a nonviolent alternative to war. For four decades she has also been involved in feminist activities and the fight for social order in Israel.


Stay Human Conference Call #1 with Mr. Husam El Nounou & Rabbi Arik Ascherman
Held on TUESDAY Nov. 20th
Noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern, 10pm Gaza City/Jerusalem
Recording of the Conference Call 

Husam El Nounou:  co-founder of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP) and currently Deputy Director General for Administration. For 18 years, Mr. El Nounou served as Director of Public Relations at GCMHP.  Mr. El Nounou has a BA in Linguistics and a Post Graduate Diploma in Translation (Arabic – English) from Bir Zeit University in the West Bank. He is co-founder of the Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network (PNGO), a coalition of more than 130 civil society organizations in Palestine, and its first coordinator. The British NGO Responding to Conflict trained him in conflict transformation. He is a member of The Palestinian Resource Group on Conflict Transformation and a trainer in the field. In 2007, Rebuilding Alliance brought Mr. El Nounou on speaking tour to the U.S., joining Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom to speak with members of Congress and meet with peace and justice groups in 3 states.

Rabbi Arik Ascherman: a Reform rabbi and co-founder and Director of Special Projects for Rabbis for Human Rights, an Israeli organization for which he previously served as Executive Director.  As a human rights activist he has spearheaded protests to defend Palestinians against Israeli settler violence. He appears in the 2010 documentary Israel vs Israel. Rabbi Ascherman grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania and attended Harvard University. Though he planned to attend rabbinical school immediately after graduation, he was not accepted, and instead joined Interns for Peace, a coexistence project which sent him to the Israeli Arab city Tamra and the Israeli Jewish city of Kiryat Ata to work from 1981 to 1983. After that, he returned to the United States to complete his rabbinical training. He immigrated to Israel in 1994. In 1988 he co-founded Rabbis for Human Rights. He attributes his interest in activism on behalf of Palestinians to the rabbinic concept of tikkun olam (lit. "repairing the world"), referring to universal human rights and social justice. In 2008, when Rabbi Ascherman was arrested and placed on trial in Israel for blocking Israeli Army bulldozers from demolishing a Palestinian family's home, Rebuilding Alliance collected amicus briefings ("friends of the court") from Human Rights groups worldwide.

Rabbi Ascherman's email Nov. 14th 2012, On Bir Hadaj and Kibbutz Revavim, 11,000 Rockets on Israel and Dead Children in Gaza
Nick Kristof's 2010 NYTimes article about Rabbi Ascherman: In Israel, the Noble vs. The Ugly